Trinity Tech’s research and development team has been examining the needs of real estate consulting companies in Alanya since 2017.

We have accurately identified the needs of real estate consultants. Some real estate consultants needed a professional website, some wanted customer management systems, and some needed targeted advertising on social media and Google.

These needs were accurately assessed and categorized by Trinity Tech’s research and development team. Finally, we created a product called TrinityHomes that meets all the needs of real estate consultants.
The solution we provided for real estate consultants in Alanya is more than just software. Here are some features of this product for real estate businesses in Alanya:

– Website with the following capabilities:
o Content management system.
o Dedicated panel for each agent.
o Connect to social networks.
o Ability to enter all property details.
o Ability to display 360-degree images (virtual reality).
o Online support.
o Ability to define different departments for the company.
o Connect to a mobile app via api.
o Ability to analyze files – With the help of this system, you can see the amount of display of each property on the website.
o Ability to search advanced.
o Display real estate on the map.
o Prevent copying of your files by similar companies.

– Mobile application:
o Easy search of real estate on the map in the mobile application.
o Ability to connect agents directly with customers through the mobile application.
o Display full property specifications in the app.
o View image gallery.
o Video viewing.
o Virtual reality or 360-degree images.

– Customer relationship management system.
– Attract customers through targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook.
– Attract customers through Google Ads ads.

If you also have a real estate consulting office in Alanya, our solution will definitely meet your needs and increase your sales.
So contact us to purchase the Trinity Homes service subscription.


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